College News music contest, powered by Sonicbids

And the winners are....

WRITTEN BY: Editorial Staff
College News music contest, powered by Sonicbids

The Sonicbids contest is over and the winners have been chosen.  We’d like to thank all the runners up for submitting their music and encourage them all to try again during the next Sonicbids contest.

The winners for this competition are:

Daniel D 
Mnemonic Sounds

Congratulations to you three!  Here’s a bit of information on our three winners:

Daniel D is a native of Charleston, South Carolina and discovered his talent very early on. At 12 years old, he knew that playing the violin was his talent. His first album 'Play for Me' was released in 2009 and he is a 2009 Apollo winner as well as a Charlotte Music Award recipient. Daniel D has performed for Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, T.V. host Larry King, Michael Jackson at Jessie Jackson’s birthday party and was one of the opening violinists for Jamie Fox and Kanye West on BET 106 & Park. At just 21, Daniel D is an experienced entertainer and feels comfortable playing for an audience of any size, be it for a 50,000 crowd at a university or simply for his family. Daniel's first single "I Want You" is a Marvin Gaye cover and is currently playing on reginal and national Internet stations.

Mnemonic Sounds is an electronic/dance/pop group from Portland, Oregon. Started by guitar player and singer Megan Ouchida and keyboard player and singer Peter Sook the Mnemonic Sounds are quickly navigating through the music industry. After hearing her voice on her own solo works, Peter Sook asked Megan to sing on a few of his songs. Quickly after, they both realized that joined sounds were something unique and special. Joined by Patrick Hughes on drums and Michael Blake on guitar they completed their self-produced debut “Muscle, Memories” with a release date of July 22, 2010. The Sounds recently played a show opening for Phantogram in Portland a few months back and are currently working on a second album that is set to release in May or June of this year. The album will feature seven songs.

Ria is a singer and songwriter from Aventura, Florida. A graduate of the Berklee College of Music Ria's songs cross genres such as pop, latin, R&B and dance. In the fall of 2010, Ria released her first album self-titled "Ria". She also has two singles "Alright" and "The Real Thing". Ria's soulful voice has reached many people across the globe. She has become popular among people in the US, The Caribbean, South America, Europe and Asia. With her undeniably uplifting vocals and energy, it's likely Ria will be around for a long time.

Thank you to all who have participated in the Sonicbids contest. Check out our Sonicbids contest listing if you’re interested in submitting your music in the next cycle.