Ace Rivington knows the meaning of comfort

WRITTEN BY: Editorial Staff
Ace Rivington knows the meaning of comfort

“There are certain articles of clothing that will never be comfortable. Stiff dress shirts, rented tuxedo shoes, and other pieces just aren’t made with your comfort in mind. The sweatshirt you relax in is another story altogether. This one from Ace Rivington is made with your comfort and style in mind. Inspired by a swatch Beau Lawrence came across that he basically wanted to live in, each of these sweatshirts is soft and warming to the touch. The yarn spinning, sewing, and washing were all done in Los Angeles but the feel is like something you stole from your dad back in the day. If you’re looking for a sweatshirt you can change into after a long day, we suggest relaxing in one of these.” - Cool Material

With a modern twist on fashion basics that don’t go out of style, Ace Rivington brings the spirit of travel and adventure to any wardrobe—delivering a blend of vintage inspiration and a sense of iconic appeal for a student on the go.

Launched late December of last year on Kickstarter, over 500 people responded to the first prototype for the Homespun French Terry sweatshirt by backing the project. The interest and support gained thru grassroots backers funded Ace Rivington at more than 200 percent to goal. The startup raised more than $60,000 in 34 days.

“When I happened upon the super soft, Homespun French Terry fabric, all I could think was that I wanted to live in it,” said Beau Lawrence, founder and president of the company based in Carpinteria, Calif. The former director of product development at Guess, and the former vice president of design and merchandising at Neff Headwear, Lawrence brings 18 years of design and development experience to Ace Rivington.

This was the perfect launch product to help prove the brand concept (iconic, well made and reasonably priced apparel) and it gave Lawrence the chance to begin telling Ace’s story.  Ace Rivington, the brand’s fictional namesake, pilot, and charmer, grew up on his family’s fly-in-fishing camp in Alaska.  There, Ace got to know visiting A-List elite of the world like family, as they came to stay at the fishing camp every year.  After leaving for college (in Ace’s case, Naval Flight School), he got word that his father had gone missing…and by a turn of circumstances it would be up to Ace to travel the world to find him.  A story filled with mystery, romance, intrigue, and a bit of humor told thru seasonal catalogs based around Ace’s travel destinations, the Ace Rivington brand is definitely one to follow.

The story continues this Holiday with the roll-out of the full Ace Rivington collection that will be sold thru catalog, online, and in select specialty boutiques around the world.  Follow Ace Rivington on Social Media today, and buy our sweatshirt…you won’t be disappointed.  Use promo code ACN14 for a free logo tee with purchase of any Ace Rivington Sweatshirt at