Why Girls Should Learn Car Talk

WRITTEN BY: Sarah Eleid
Ferrari 599
Image Source: Eoin Campbell via Flickr
Ferrari 599

A couple of days ago my friend was telling me about meeting this seemingly awesome guy at a party. "He had everything, a great smile, humor and really silky hair!" she fawned. Then I asked her if he was so wonderful, why she hadn't made further plans with him. Her face fell immediately. The night had been going wonderful and the two had talked non stop about everything from international travel to recent obsessions with soccer. Yet once the dream guy asked her if she liked cars, my friend had blanked and blindly said yes! Dream guy became very excited and started peppering her with questions like, do you like the Charger SRT-8 or the Mercedes E350 more? My love struck friend nodded and answered yes's and no's for the rest of the night, until she had the courage to ask him what he drove. 

She told me how his eyes light up at her enthusiasm and he replied with "I drive a 599. I'm sure you would approve!" My friend racked her brains for what kind of car a 599 could be, and she finally remembered that it was a Fiat! One of those tiny , hatchback, (did I mention tiny?) cars. She had cringed when he told her that, and quickly made up an excuse that her stomach was hurting so she could get the hell out of there. I also cringed when I heard that. I began thinking about how many great relationships have been prevented because women did not know or care to learn about cars. I mean, shouldn't we learn about the machines that get us around everyday? What is it about cars and their engines that seems so foreign to women? If my friend had known what a 599 really was, I am sure she would have stayed for the rest of the party. Yet she looked so down that I refrained from calling her out on her mistake.  And as for that dream guy, I am sure he has found plenty of other women ride in his Ferrari 599.