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Kate Upton shows her stuff

New GQ spread features Upton in bikini, not much else

Kate Upton knows her assets – and isn’t afraid to flaunt them.

Upton, 20, is featured in July’s GQ, and in it, she’s baring almost everything.

In the spread, Kate Upton is shown in a variety of photos, wearing a red, white and blue bikini, as well as other skimpy suits and outfits.

The model, who got her start by appearing in print ads for fashion companies like Dooney and Bourke and Guess, got her big break when she was featured in the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Since then, she has embraced her appearance wholeheartedly, appearing in many ad campaigns for companies like Victoria Secret and print spreads in magazines like Complex and Esquire.

“It’s like any job,” Kate Upton told GQ in the upcoming issue.

Her racy and flirtatious career moves have won her much praise, which comes from her largely male fanbase, as well as criticism for being too risqué.

After a 20-second clip of Kate Upton doing the Cat Daddy in her infamous Sports Illustrated bikini became one of the hottest and most-shard videos online, YouTube took it down for violating “community guidelines.”

After much protest from fans, YouTube put the video back up.

Kate Upton also received criticism for her last movie role, a cameo in The Three Stooges, for appearing in a “nun-kini” costume that left little to the imagination.
Still, Upton was unfazed by criticism.

“I can see why the Catholic Church would be upset with me,” she said. “But it was just for fun, and I try not to take it more seriously than that.”

Kate Upton is not modest and said she is aware as to why she’s garnered such a following.

Kate Upton, who has more than 370,000 Twitter followers, said it’s just something she accepts and uses to her advantage.
“I grew up in Florida riding horses, so for the majority of my life, I was either in boots and jeans or a bathing suit. I understand why my male followers like me,” she said.

Check out the photos here.

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