Hip hop jewelry

A diamond jewelry revolution

WRITTEN BY: Editorial Staff

Hip hop jewelry is a pivotal fashion trend that has begun to consolidate its position as a major player the wider jewelry market. It has has grown from a niche sub-cultural movement in the late eighties and early nineties to one of the dominant trends that you will see today in jewelry stores far and wide.

The rise of hip hop jewelry has had a hugely influential effect on the jewelry industry. Today, many trends first start out as hip hop jewelry before being adopted by all others. It truly is the place where all the latest diamond jewelry trends are being set today. 

Because of hip hop jewelry's obvious ties with hip hop music, the fact that celebrities endorse it is a huge selling point for many. Emerging brands – such as Joe Rodeo diamond watches for example – have gone from strength to strength after attracting the attention of many hip hop superstars. When the consumer sees their idol wearing a particular piece of jewelry, they immediately want to emulate them by owning it too.

The recent influence that Jay Z has had over diamond jewelry trends is a great example of how the influence of hip hop jewelry can be felt far beyond its own confines. A long time fan of hip hop style, Jay Z was repeatedly pictured wearing a unique black diamond Jesus piece. The popularity of Jesus pendants shot through the roof almost immediately.

It was no real surprise that Jesus pieces became popular after Jay Z was seen wearing one – the fact that it was a black diamond pendant is what was really significant. Before this black diamonds had been somewhat derided by the mainstream jewelry business, but after it blew up on the hip hop jewelry scene it quickly spread to pervade all areas of the market. This also worked out nicely for the consumer, as black diamond jewelry on its own is considerably less expensive than clear diamond jewelry.

Black diamonds can now be found everywhere you look, from seriously high end jewels to budget pieces. What started out as a hip hop jewelry trend has affected the entire diamond jewelry industry, increasing black diamond production by a staggering 500% and raising the price of the stones themselves by roughly 150%.

That's just one example of how hip hop jewelry is continually influencing the wider diamond jewelry industry today. The next big trend likely to spread from the world of hip hop jewelry is the combination of silver and CZs, so watch out for that. With more and more people following hip hop music – which is more popular than it has ever been – it is to be expected that hip hop jewelry will soon come to define the industry standard.

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