Guess who’s naked again

Surprise, surprise--it's Miley Cyrus

WRITTEN BY: Sissela Murav
The Rolling Stones cover in question
Image Source: ForFashionTV via Flickr
The Rolling Stones cover in question


Miley Cyrus is naked again, this time for the cover of Rolling Stone, and of course, what would her nakedness be without her signature tongue wagging, which she displays obligingly.

Makeup-smudged and bare except for her tattoos, Miley stares into the camera with supposed ideas of seduction, but the image is more reminiscent of a pre-teen’s pool day; newly-learned makeup skills lacking expertise, attempted sexiness while lapping up a drippy popsicle—the only way we can differentiate Miley from said youth is her nakedness. Glad that’s cleared up for us.

Miley responds to all the hubbub surrounding her VMA performance and her ridiculous antics, which she apparently regrets, saying: “I’ll probably never do that shit again.” Thank you.

In the Rolling Stone cover story, Miley Cyrus cites Kanye West as supporting her foolery, which she proves by quoting him: “There are not a lot of artists I believe in more than you (Miley) right now.” West must be one of her biggest fans, and the feeling is mutual—Miley thinks Kanye “is the shit.” The two of them are infamously egoistic, so it’s not surprising they are each other’s best backers.

Apparently Miley was so proud of her Rolling Stone article described above, she tattooed “Rolling Stone” on the soles of her feet. How symbolic.