Doris Day turns 88

Five-night tribute to Hollywood legend on TCM

WRITTEN BY: Danielle Adams
Doris Day
Image Source: Srbauer via Wiki Commons
Doris Day

Doris Day, America's Sweetheart, celebrated her 88 birthday yesterday. Sony Masterworks, Warner Home Video and Turner Classic Movies all contributed to the celebration.

Sony is releasing a new 31-song Doris Day collection titled “With a Smile and a Song,” April 3. The first disc features songs from her films, including “Pillow Talk,” “Whatever Will Be (Que Sera Sera),” “My Romance” and “Secret Love,” among others. The second disc features standards and pop classics such as “Easy to Love,” “The Song is You,” “You Go to My Head” and “Fools Rush In.”

Warner Home Video is releasing, “TCM Greatest Classic Legends: Doris Day,” featuring four of Day’s films including “Love Me or Leave Me,” “Calamity Jane,” “Romance on the High Seas” and “Please Don’t Eat the Daisies.” Also, TCM is continuing its five-night birthday tribute to Doris Day with 28 of her films telecast through April 6 on the cable network. A complete schedule is available at

Doris Day began her career as a teenage dancer in Cincinnati. A car accident shattered her leg, and along with it, her dreams of becoming a professional dancer. As part of her recovery, she had to lie down a lot, and she would listen to the radio often, which is when she discovered she had a talent for singing. "And that went on for a few years. ... And [then] when I started to heal, that's when I started to sing — by myself — in a beautiful club in Cincinnati at the age of 16," she told NPR.

Doris Day's singing career eventually led her to Hollywood, where she unknowingly got a part in the 1948 film "Romance on the High Seas." Throughout the ‘50s and ‘60s she starred in a number of romantic comedies, often playing an independent working woman.

In 1968 Doris Day ceased making movies, seeking a quieter lifestyle. She co-founded Actors and Others for Animals in 1971 and began to take an active role in animal rescue work. She has found homes for many dogs and rescued many on her own. She currently has six dogs and four cats.

"If I come across a doggie who needs a home, that's when I take them," Doris Day said. "They're in a special area — an outdoor area — but the ceiling is all glass and they look up there and see the trees. They have two big rooms inside and then one outside. They just love it."