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Mike Gregory

Currently eight months away from a degree in communication Journalism. Using the GI Bill from my time in the Marines to pay for school. Would really like to start my own organic food company. Playing guitar, playing with my kids, spending time with my wife.

Paul McCartney Set To Headline Firefly Music Festival

        Paul McCartney has recently addressed the rumors surrounding his role at this year’s Firefly Music Festival, and he has confirmed that he is indeed headlining the festival. McCartney, as well a many more amazing acts will be at this year’s Firefly Music Festival which is set to begin June 18th through the 21st in Dover, Delaware.

        The McCartney live experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity; in just three hours one can experience  some his greatest contributions to music history, some dating back nearly 50 years. McCartney is known to not only play songs from his solo career in his set, but also songs from his time with Wings, and of course the Beatles; music which has for many has become the soundtrack of their lives.

         McCartney’s Out There tour has seen Paul and his talented band performing in many, various, and impressive venues and locations. Some of these include The Coliseum in Rome, Moscow’s Red Square, Buckingham Palace, and even the White House. McCartney has also recently performed a free show in Mexico that drew a 400,000+ attendance and even more interesting, a live broadcast into space.

        His band, which has supported Paul for the last 10 years, includes Paul “Wix” Wickens on keyboards, Brian Ray on bass/guitar, Rusty Anderson on guitar, and Abe Laboriel Jr. on drums. Guaranteed to never disappoint, Paul and the band has just finished up a whirlwind weekend, which included an intimate Valentine’s Day show at New York’s Irving Plaza, and a live performance on Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary show.

        The impressive tour uses state of the art technology and production to ensure that the entire audience walks away with the best possible McCartney experience. With the use of massive screens, lasers, fireworks, unique video content, and as always, the best songs in the world, The Paul McCartney show is much more than any concert you may have attended. Paul’s audience is a diverse, multi-generational, group, from different backgrounds, all brought together by his amazing catalog of music.

        For more information on Paul McCartney, please visit: www.paulmccartney.com and to learn more about the Firefly Music Festival, please visit: www.fireflyfestival

Klassik: SPRING EP Released

        Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s award winning independent Hip Hop/R&B artist, Klassik has released his latest “SEASONS” series, the “SPRING” EP. Klassik’s many awards include 2014 Top 10 Wisconsin Artist to Watch, the 2013 WAMI Hip Hop Artist of the Year, and the 2012 Radio Milwaukee Artist of the Year Award, to name a few.

        With a positive, forward thinking style and sound similar to Childish Gambino, Pharell, Reggie B, and Frank Ocean, Klassik brings along his take on the genre which fuses Hip Hop and jazz. Klassik is credited with producing the EP, playing keys, and guitar as well.

         He has opened for Kendrick Lamar and Ludacris, Talib Kweli, Asher Roth, and recently he sold out a New Year’s event at the popular Iron Horse Hotel concert venue. Prior to his “SPRING” release, Klassik released his “WINTER” EP, which received critical acclaim from both The Source and Huffington Post’s Yo! Raps.

        Spring is seen as both the season of rebirth and rejuvenation, and Klassik’s SPRING represents new life. Within the artistic cycle, new perspectives are introduced, and in this, inspiration and creative purpose will blossom. Klassik’s SPRING EP holds true to this revitalized spirit through an extremely rapid fire of wordplay, and accelerated tempos. These tempos and wordplay work to shake the frost off of the WINTER. With the snow and gray skies no longer threatening us, SPRING brings about a renewed sense of purpose and energy.

        Grab your umbrellas, because SPRING has begun to reign. Check out his newest songs at Soundcloud, and his most recent video “Boogie”. SPRING EP’s songs include Go Far, Know It All (Prod. By Mag Spencer) and Otha Fish (Feat. Oye!)

You can hear the SPRING EP and find Klassik’s information at these sites:

Website: http://iamklassik.com/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/iamklassik

Bandcamp: http://klassik1.bandcamp.com/

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/klassik89

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iamklassik

Top 10 Weirdest College Majors

        Some of us just do not know what we want to be when we grow up. Are you unconventional? Do you seek odd adventure? Perhaps you’ve dreamed of a degree in Puppetry, or maybe you’ve thought of perusing a career that involved Bakery Science. Fear not, there are plenty of unusual academic choices for you. Yes, even those of you who seek Bowling Management can find a college degree. Here are ten more selections in a list of weird college majors.

1.) Major: Basket Weaving
Where: Goucher College
From their course description: “Basket weaving is not merely a collection of facts, but a process of discovery.”

2.) Major: Cannabis Cultivation
Where: Oaksterdam University
Fun Fact: In 2012, the school was raided by DEA, IRS, and U.S. Marshalls

3.) Major: Bagpiping
Where: Carnegie Mellon University
Think About It: You could make bagpiping a very lucrative career…. In Scotland!

4.) Major: Poultry Science
Where: Texas A&M
Solve Mysteries: With this degree, you can be someone who truly knows why the chicken crossed the road.

5.) Major: Professional Nanny Career Diploma
Where: Sullivan University
Nanny Elite: Take over all of the babysitting gigs in your neighborhood. Why? Because you were taught the art of the nanny.

6.) Major: Packaging
Where: Michigan State University
Their Website Claims: The School of Packaging currently houses 950 students and is known worldwide as the leading resource for developing package professionals.

7.) Major: Horticultural Science- Citrus
Where: Florida Southern University
Impress Your Friends: Make the best Screwdrivers and Mojitos around, using select citrus stock.

8.) Major: Decision Sciences
Where: Indiana University
Destroy Indecision: Now you’ll be able to choose whether or not to wear the blue top as opposed to the red top, your Chucks or your Nikes, the karaoke song your best at, and you’ll even be able to instantly choose an entree from a vast menu.

9.) Major: Turfgrass Management
Where: Penn State University
Cutting Edge: With a degree in Turfgrass management, you’ll not only find out if the grass really is greener on the other side, but know why it is that way.

10.)  Major: Beatles Historian
Where: Liverpool Hope University
Jobs Abound: Do You Want to Know a Secret? With your Master’s Degree in Beatles knowledge, you can be the captain of a Yellow Submarine, Sail Across the Universe, and be As Free as a Bird.

An Interview With Danny Leal of Upon A Burning Body

       College News recently had a chance to speak with Upon a Burning Body singer, Danny Leal. The band has toured relentlessly in support of their new album The World is My Enemy. Speaking with Danny, we learned some interesting facts about the band and about Texas as well.

CN: For your new album The World Is My Enemy Now, you went into the studio after a very busy touring schedule. Did you go into the studio with a game plan or was it more of an organic process?
DL: It was pretty organic, I mean we had some songs that we went into the studio with, but you know we definitely pieced together some songs from others that just weren’t finished yet. We made new songs out of them, but yeah, we definitely didn’t go in with all of the songs that ended up on the record.

CN: How has the album been received by long-time fans of Upon A Burning Body?
DL: So far, so good. It’s been chill. The reception has been a lot better with The World Is My Enemy, than the previous two.

CN: Is there a song on the new record that you are especially proud of?
DL: Not really, I mean all of the songs are really good, I can’t just choose one.

CN: Where have you toured the last few years that really stands out? Is there somewhere you like the most?
DL: Oh man, so many places. You know, we went to Australia, we went Thailand, just a lot of great places, and every one of them were fun.

CN: The founder of Sumerian records has said that your voice is very distinguishable and I have to agree. What is the secret to the clarity of your voice in the songs?
DL: Just practice man, you know? A lot of practice, a desire to achieve it, and you focus on a certain style or certain way that you want to do it. And I’ve worked hard to be the best that I can be. That’s about it.

CN: When Upon a Burning Body hits the road, what are three essentials that we’ll find in the band’s possession?
DL: Baby wipes would definitely be one, deodorant, and alcohol for us. *chuckles*

CN: What is the concept on the new album’s cover, such as your bound wrists?
DL: It’s what the songs are really about, you know, my childhood stuff, the way we were brought up, really poor, and kind of living like that, things going wrong in people’s lives to include my own. It’s like the whole world is against you, it’s your enemy, like you’re trapped. That what we were going for, like we were trapped, we wanted to portray that, and being tied is something that gets the point across really easy. It just shows that something is wrong, you can’t move, and that is what we wanted to get across through the artwork of the album.

CN: Musically, what is the band’s major influences?
DL: Oh man, we have such a wide range that I can’t just point out one. We’re all really just music lovers. Whether we are in the van or on tour, we listen to everything, such a wide range, I mean obviously metal, there’s older metal, country, hip-hop, old hip-hop. You never know what we’ll be in the mood for. I never get to fully answer that question.

CN: OK, these are just some general questions that can be answered however you want. Just random questions that fans might want to know. What is your favorite Whiskey?
DL: Sure. We drink Coldcock Whiskey, our favorite, it’s out of California.

CN: Best restaurant in San Antonio?
DL: Ah, there is too many! If you’re talking all of them, way too many. Now if you’re talking Mexican food, one of the ones we like as a band, when we’re home, is this little place called Gilbert’s, and it’s really, really, good!

CN: First metal band that you played in?
DL: I was like 14 or 15 and I played guitar in this band called Silenced.

CN: Any regrets?
DL: All the time, you know? But if you didn’t have any regrets, you wouldn’t learn from it them, and you only get better from it.

CN: First Tattoo?
DL: My last name, in Old English, across my stomach.

CN: Ever been to the Alamo?
DL: Oh many times. *laughs*

CN: Is there really a basement in the Alamo?
DL: Yeah actually, there is, but I don’t think they let anyone go down there, or anything.

CN: I know that the band and you always boast about everything in Texas being bigger. So what’s the deal with Texans and everything in the state being bigger?
DL: I mean there is a lot of things, they live by that, you can almost go anywhere in the state and find something that is going to be organically bigger because of where you are at and because of the saying. I mean you can go anywhere in the state and find 72 ounce steaks, so that is gonna be unheard of in most places. They want to prove a point. The shots are even bigger than the average shot, there’s limits on how many you can drink. The lifted trucks, 4×4’s, big tires, monster sh** like that.

CN: Is there anything else you want to say
DL: Just check out our stuff. Hit up the social media. People who want to check us out, just go to the site, it’s pretty easy to find.

        You can find more information about Upon A Burning Body by going to www.Sumerianrecords.com, Find them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/uponaburningbody and follow them on Twitter at https://twitter.com/uabb

Actor Jason Momoa Revealed as New Aquaman

Game of Thrones Star Revealed as Aquaman

        Director Zack Snyder who is currently in post-production for his 2016 release Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, has recently shared an image of actor Jason Momoa, in costume as the aquatic super-hero Aquaman. This has been the first image of the DC Comic’s superhero to be seen by anyone, aside from the cast and crew. Although the actor has never officially been listed as a member of the cast for Dawn of Justice, insider sources from the movie industry are certain that Momoa will have at least a cameo role in the film, as Aquaman.

        Costume designer Michael Wilkinson avoided replicating the Aquaman that longtime comic fans had always seen; blonde, and tightly clad in an orange and green costume. Instead, Wilkinson’s Aquaman appears as the beefy, armored, version of Aquaman after his 90’s comic book re-make. “There is only one true King. #unitetheseven,” Snyder wrote in the caption of the photo. The hashtag “#unitetheseven” is thought to be Snyder’s attempt at cryptically speaking to fans. It has been theorized that this could refer to the Seven Seas, as Aquaman is the king of the Seven Seas, or it could even be possibly related to the number of members within the Justice League.

        Aquaman first appeared in a DC comic book, back in 1941. Often looked over, and never as popular as his fellow Justice League members, Aquaman’s modern character had became a more serious, deeper, person than that which was displayed by him many years earlier. In an August 2014 interview, Snyder told The Ticket’s Stoney and Bill Show exactly what he thought of Aquaman, and went on to defend the superhero’s strengths. He told the Detroit radio station show that Aquaman could “cut the flesh of Superman if they came in contact” and he also said that “It’s not to say that he’s in the movie or anything like that, but he has the potential to be badass.”

        Either way, fans will continue to anticipate the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which has among its cast, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill, and Jesse Eisenberg.

8th Annual Peace on Earth Film Festival Returns to Chicago

8th Installment of Peace on Earth Film Festival Returns to Chicago

         From Thursday, March 19th through Sunday, March 22nd, at the Chicago Cultural Center’s Claudia Cassidy Theater, 78 East Washington, the 8th annual Peace on Earth Film Festival will be taking place. All of the screenings will be free and open to the public. No reservations are necessary and additionally, individual screening dates and times for the films will be announced in the coming weeks.

        Non-violence, tolerance and sustainability are the theme for this year’s 8th annual Peace on Earth Film Festival. Presented by Transcendence Global Media, NFP, in partnership with the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special events, the POEFF will showcase a captivating exploration of film in the areas of nonviolence, tolerance and social justice, complete with corresponding panels and filmmaker Q&A’s.

        Of the festival’s 142 film entries, only 41 films were selected for viewing this year. One of the many, great purposes of the Peace on Earth Film Festival, is to present films that are often challenged when it comes to finding exhibition. Many times, the creators of these films have to take a leap of faith in regards to creating films that not only promote peace, but create films that reflect the filmmaker’s own advocacy and their dedication to the cause within the film.

        Last year, audiences of all backgrounds and ages came together at the POEFF to watch dozens of World/US and Midwest/Chicago film premieres, including dress, directed by Henry Ian Cusick of the TV series Lost.  Additional filmmakers who were there to receive their awards included John Marks, whose Under The Same Sun  won Best Feature Narrative, and Illinois resident Edgar Barens, who won Best Documentary Short at the 2014 Peace On Earth Film Festival for Prison Terminal: The Last Days of Private Jack Hall, before it went on to win the Oscar the following month.

        The 2015 POEFF features promise to be just as compelling including the Chicago premiere of J Street: The Art of the Possible, an intense, political story, told with the intimacy of cinematic variety that takes film viewers to high-level, strategy meetings and long nights on the road in a captivating glimpse at the role that lobbyists play in the American political process. Also, the powerful documentary Beyond the Divide, follows a Vietnam Veteran and a peace advocate in Missoula, Montana as they try and mend the decades of animosity left behind by the Vietnam War.

        Begun in 2008, the POEFF is an annual event that sheds light on filmmakers’, and their challenging perspectives regarding real-world issues such as human rights, neighborhood violence, domestic violence, bullying, war, world politics, environment, economics and more. The Peace on Earth Film Festival’s aim is to put Chicago at the forefront of international efforts for peace and environmental recoveries, all while bringing together filmmakers, academics and social activists in discussion panels and educational components.

        To learn more about this exciting event, visit http://peaceonearthfilmfestival.org/ or go to their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/POEFF

3rd Annual Rock Against MS Hits Hollywood

3rd Annual Rock Against MS Announced

      The 3rdANNUAL ROCK AGAINST MS is returning to the Whisky A Go-Go in Hollywood, presenting yet another amazing All-Star line-up. The exception this year will be that people from all over the world will be able to watch this awesome event live, via the internet. The donation price to watch the pay-per-view Rock Against MS event is $15 dollars and up.

      Those who donate will have a chance to win some really cool swag, and the more you donate, the more chances you will have to earn autographed items from the event’s performers, including a Schecter guitar that will be signed by all of the performers. Sponsors of this year’s event include Monster Energy Drinks, Schecter Guitars, 95.5 KLOS, Guitar Center, Pro Mark, D’Addario, Whisky A Go-Go, SIR, and Rainbow Bar & Grill.

      Some of this year’s performers at the Rock Against MS event will be Steve Stevens (Billy Idol), Steven Adler (Guns and Roses), Blasko (Ozzy Osbourne), Stephen Perkins (Janes Addiction), Wayne Kramer (MC5), Mike Watt (Stooges/Firehouse) Gilby Clarke (Guns and Roses), Billy Morrison (Billy Idol), Jeff Pilson(Foreigner/Dokken), Gretchen Bonaduce, Phil X (Bon Jovi), Phil Buckman (Filter), Marty O’Brien (Lita Ford), Erik Eldenius (Billy Idol), Joe Retta (The Sweet), Johnny Griparic (Slash’s Snakepit/Walter Trout), Matt Starr (Ace Frehley), Robert Sarzo (Hurricane/Queensryche), Joey Allen (Warrant), Chas West (Bonham), Plus Many More. There is also a yet to be announced special guest.

      Multiple Sclerosis is a disabling disease that affects the central nervous system. MS interrupts the flow of information from the brain to the body and stops the body’s movement. Between the ages of 20 and 50 are when most people are diagnosed with MS, there are twice as many woman as men who are diagnosed with the disease, and nearly 2.1 million people, worldwide, suffer from MS. The Rock Against MS Foundation provides services from a three grant resource system, which will see that sufferers of multiple sclerosis are provided with daily care, quality of life needs, and emergency funding, as well as assistance to those who suffer from MS, to live independently, full lives. Rock against MS Foundation is currently in the planning phase to build a brick and mortar facility called “The Rock House” that will provide multiple programs, and opportunities, free of charge, to those who have been affected by MS.

      The show starts Wednesday, March 4th, at the Whisky A Go-Go, at 8PM. Doors open at 7PM, and tickets can be obtained through www.ticketfly.com/event/778371

       For those who wish to do the pay-per-view option, please go to: www.stageit.com/rock_against_ms/3rd_annual_rock_against_ms_benefit_concert/44556

       For any additional information, you can visit their Facebook page, www.facebook.com/rockagainstMSfoundation