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And the George Zimmerman Trial goes on

Jury selection for George Zimmerman’s trial began on Monday. Zimmerman is accused of fatally shooting 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in February 2012.

The case sparked national headlines when Zimmerman, who is white and Hispanic, wasn’t arrested or charged after he shot and killed an unarmed Martin, who is black.

The murder rose issues about racial profiling, gun-control and Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law. After 44 days of walking free, Zimmerman was arrested and charged with second-degree murder.

Trial began on Monday for Zimmerman, who has been living in seclusion after being released on bail last year. The jury is also being selected as the trial plays out. It is hoped that the ones chosen can be open-minded and unbiased about the case, due to the sensitive topics associated with it. The trial is expected to last six to eight weeks.

Zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman, said he shot Martin that night in self-defense after patrolling a neighborhood in Sanford, Florida. He saw Martin walking around the gated community and said he looked suspicious.

Martin, who had just left a convenience store with a bag of skittles and iced tea, was on his way to his father’s house when he was confronted by Zimmerman. It’s not known what happened after but according to Zimmerman’s story, he was punched and attacked by Martin after he asked him what he was doing that evening in the neighborhood. He then said he had to shoot Martin to defend himself.

As of Thursday, the potential jury was narrowed down to twenty three candidates. They will return to the courthouse next Tuesday for further questioning and have been asked not to discuss the case with anyone else. The remaining potential jurors have also been sequestered, meaning that they will be secluded from the outside world and have very little contact with it. Their identities will also be kept anonymous and after all interviews have been made, six will decide Zimmerman’s fate. If Zimmerman is found guilty, he faces life in prison.

Rosie the Riveter says, "We can…mop the kitchen?"

Swiffer’s new ad sparks outrage

Rosie the Riveter is one of the most famous cultural icons in the United States. She was a representation of all the female factory workers, many of whom produced military supplies and munitions, during World War II.  Rosie became a feminist icon, proving that women were an important part of the workforce and contributed to far more than just household duties.

However, in what is undoubtedly one of the most unfortunate uses of the famous image, Swiffer is running a marketing campaign featuring a model dressed as Rosie the Riveter promoting that women use the Swiffer Bissell Steam Boost mop kit in their kitchens. Feminists everywhere are in an outrage, proclaiming the advertisements to be incredibly sexist. Many people took to Twitter to express their displeasure (because, as we all know, Twitter rants are totally an effective communication tool and often implement change) rather than contact Swiffer.

One commentator, Jason Weisberger, noted, “I love the clear tribute to an important historical image done in such a way as to piss on its legacy.”

Whether it was Swiffer’s intention or not (the company is noted for nearly all of its ads featuring women doing housework), despite the campaign being borderline offensive, it’s definitely capturing public attention, which, let’s face it, is the whole point of a marketing campaign. Their marketing team might be bad, but they are just a tiny bit brilliant as well.

Jenna Jameson, Mistress of the XXX, arrested

Jenna Jameson, famed, former adult film star, was arrested in Newport Beach, Calif. Saturday night, according to police after allegations that she attacked someone in an Orange County home. The Washington Post reports that the victim was able to restrain Jameson, 38-years-old, and place her under citizen’s arrest until the authorities arrived.

Jenna Jameson was latter released and faces a court date for misdemeanor battery charges

TMZ reports that Jameson was slated to attend a birthday party at Anaheim’s Heat Ultra Lounge Later that night. It has been unconfirmed if she ever made an appearance.

This is the second time within the last year that Jameson has been arrested. The previous one occurred back in May 2012; when under the influence, she crashed her vehicle into a light pole. She was later sentenced to three years of informal probation and was to participate in a Mother’s Against Drunk Driving Victims’ panel.

Jenna Jameson left the porn industry in 2008 after such films as Bella Loves Jenna, I Dream of Jenna and Jenna Built for Speed. Since leaving the adult entertainment business, she has made several attempts at starring in roles where she isn’t as scantily clad, but they all have failed to perform.

Metal legends open up on upcoming tour and EP

We sit down with Phil Anselmo and Bruce Corbitt to discuss the album, rightly so dubbed, “War of the Gargantuas”

When you take decades of heavy metal experience and couple that with prepping to release two new albums, on top of an overall kick-you-in-the face attitude, you’re left with the most recent split EP, featuring Phil Anselmo and War Beast.

CN: What made you guys decide to do the split EP

PA: This is something that, when I first realized that I was gonna’ do the solo record, and record a bunch of shit that I’d been writing for a while, Bruce had offered up their drummer, Lou Jose Gonzales, to jam with me because I guess it was just part of the family, and he was an excellent drummer. It really made just logical sense.

I guess it is about three years ago on each one, because my stuff now is fucking old to me, damn near two and a half years old. So yeah, its about three years in the making as far as the idea of it, and now that we’ve done it I think it’s a great thing man and its something that I guess it’s a good lead in to each one of our records.

CN: Right on. You guys definitely just did this to, not refresh your fans, but say ‘hey, were coming back out with something, get ready’

PA: Well we were probably gonna’ do it anyway, but in serendipitous fashion, it only made logical sense to do the split we always wanted to do. Because [both of our LP’s] were due, the new full lengths, or definitely War Beast at least, so it just made sense.

CN: Let me ask the both of you this question. You guys are definitely in the same genre, but both bands have a distinct sound from each other. So do you have a hard time splitting the album in terms of cohesion?

BC: Well I think it was a good thing that both bands sound so unique. That’s what I think is the hardest thing for bands to do is create their own sounds. To me, that’s a great thing; we didn’t want our songs sounding alike to where you can’t tell the difference. It’s obviously some new music no one has heard out of Phil; obviously War Beast has got our own sound. Together I think it works though; I’ve heard nothing but good reviews so far.

PA: War Beast to me is the epitome of DFW Thrash sound encapsulated […] I grew up with it, watched it happen, and really its like they captured the full DFW feel and sound of the thrash movement that happened throughout the 80’s and in general. With it being 2013, I think its still very relevant because of modern sounds and production in general, to where they sit like a fucking grove and actually surpass certain other projects that I guess are attempting to do the same thing as far as thrash goes, but nothing will be the pure DFW thrash that War Beast is. As far as my stuff goers, its like….do I want to be labeled just thrash…I’m not sure about that, but I’m gonna’ leave that to the experts out there.

Check out both Phil Anselmo and Warbeast out on tour now.

1/5 – Fort Worth, TX @ The Rail Club (WARBEAST ONLY, War of the Gargantuas Release Show)
1/11 – Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live – Ballroom
1/12 – San Antonio, TX @ Backstage Live
1/14 – Tempe, AZ @ The Marquee
1/15 – Las Vegas, NV @ Fremont Country Club
1/16 – West Hollywood, CA @ Key Club
1/18 – Anaheim, CA @ City National Grove of Anaheim
1/19 – Sacramento, CA @ Ace of Spades
1/20 – San Francisco, CA @ Regency Ballroom
1/22 – Seattle, WA @ Showbox at the Market
1/23 – Portland, OR @ Roseland Theater
1/24 – Boise, ID @ Knitting Factory Concert House
1/26 – Denver, CO @ The Summit Music Hall
1/28 – Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue
1/29 – Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave
1/30 – Cincinnati, OH @ Bogart’s
2/1 – Chattanooga, TN @ Track 29

How to build a resume the right way

find a job out of college

Many students about to graduate are asking how to build a resume now that they are one the verge of entering the working world and leaving the classroom behind. Odds are those that graduate and find employment in their desired fields knew how to build a resume and did it well. Building a good resume revolves around three key areas: having a readable format, promoting yourself and being able to show experience and a work history. Think about if you were a hiring manager, would you hire someone who had their information all over the place, didn’t’ list their qualifications and had little to no past employment? Chances are no.

But, before you sit down and try to build your resume, you need to list all of the positive aspects of yourself, and we don’t mean things like “great at rollerblading” or “really likes being nice.” Employers have seen statements like this on numerous resumes and typically don’t take these candidates serious at all, which means their resumes end up in the garbage. Think of aspects such as, your ability to complete a task without being distracted, multitasking and being detail oriented.

Now that we have scratched the tip of the iceberg on how to build a resume, it’s time to sit down a start crafting a resume that will land you your dream job.

Format is king with a resume. Employers do not want to waste their time searching for the information they need the most. Your name and contact information, including address, contact number and email should appear at the top of the resume. Then beneath this should come your education experience, work history, skills and any special awards or certifications that you have received. Seeing that a candidate has received an award or additional training in a field is exceptional to a potential employer. It shows that you have gone above and beyond to further your knowledge or that you are so exceptional that you have been recognized by others for your work. All of your content needs be neat too. That means that your school name and the names of your past employers need to be in bold and the related information to these needs to be bullet pointed beneath. Also, remember past work experience should be in the past tense. If you were teller at a bank two years ago, then you need to write, “Assisted clients and dealt with their financial issues.” Do not write, “Assists clients and deals with financial issues.”

Many when they ask how to build a resume feel that they need to be modest when writing about their past experiences and accomplishments, but this is not the case at all. You need to be proud of what you have done. Even if you were a stock boy at a grocery store, you most likely did your job and did it to the best of your abilities. Coming out of college employers understand that candidates have little to no experience outside the classroom in their field of study, but they do expect some solid work experience. With this, you need to show that you were the best employee possible. Writing, “Unpacked box and placed goods on shelves” is quite negative. Instead, write something along the lines of, “Received shipments from vendors and then organized and displayed them in the store so that they were visually appealing.” The second example illustrates your job and shows that you actually put forth effort and cared about your duties, even if they seem menial to you. It promotes you as an employee and shows your potential employer that you can work hard for them.

Since you are just coming out of college, your work history is sparse. But, you should have some type of work history. Employers want to see that others have hired you, been impressed with your performance and kept you around for a while. The length of your employment also factors into an employer’s decision to bring you on as part of the team. Since you are just coming out of school, it does not necessarily matter that you have had experience with other unrelated fields, but it does matter on how long you had worked there. Listing multiple jobs that you were at for only a few months each shows a company that you may only work there for a little bit. Having multiple years of experience with a past employer shows that you are reliable and dependable.

With these basics, you should have a good springboard for tackling your question of how to build a resume. Remember to make sure that you resume should be visually appealing and professionally appealing. You are going after your first job out of college, so the road ahead may seem daunting. But, with tenacity and the right knowledge behind you about resume and cover letter writing, you should soon be starting the career that you have always wanted.

Get your step on with TOMS Campus Classics

I received a pair of the Campus Classics line by TOMS for a review and was as, anyone is when receiving a new product, critical. I had never owned a pair of TOMS previously and was always slightly hesitant to spend the money. I’m more of boot and dress shoe kind of guy. I’ve had friends that rave about TOMS, but I always thought they were trying to be trendy. So, I thought I would put the TOMS Campus Classics to a rigorous test and see how they held up.

Saturday, I had to move into my new apartment, which is a third story walkup around a narrow, winding staircase. Sunday, I had to wake up at 4 a.m. and travel to Michigan to help a friend move into her new house, given that she just landed a job as a lawyer with a very impressive company. Given all this, I made the TOMS Campus Classics my shoes of choice for this horrific ordeal that I was about to call my weekend.

It’s now Monday morning, and I’m sitting on a train coming back from Lansing, MI. While I’m exhausted and my bones are breaking from moving dressers, beds, boxes of books and a bust of Elivs, my feet feel wonderful and haven’t hurt me since I slipped the shoes on. Thus, they have upheld the rigors of moving.

However, I had one more test. Are they stylish? And, that answer is a resounding yes! After we finished up moving Sunday, we wanted to check out the local bar scene around the University of Michigan, and while everyone I was with made a comment throughout the trip about how they liked my TOMS, it was much more important to me that a stranger comment on them. Not once, but four times I had people walk up to me and ask my what type of TOMS I had on. It’s fair to say that you need to go out right now and purchase a pair. Plus, you’ll be doing some good, given that TOMS will donate another pair to a child in need, and that’s good karma for you.

The Campus Classics line currently includes shoes for 33 colleges, including our favorites from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Arizona, University of Arkansas, Auburn University, Texas A&M, University of Oklahoma and University of Alabama.

One2One Digital marketing agency in London launches new website

SEO, social media and web design all rolled into one

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State of violent crimes in America

Every morning when you wake up and turn on the news you hear something about another shooting or other random violent act. While it’s always horrid to hear of another being hurt, violent crimes always continue.


Via: CriminalAttorney.com

Andy Griffith died due to a heart attack

Television Legend’s cause of death

Andy Griffith, everyone’s favorite sheriff, died of a heart attack, according to his death certificate. Griffith, according to official records, endured the heart attack about 24 hours before his death Tuesday morning.

Andy Griffith sadly didn’t have a clean bill of health for a number of years, suffering from Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia and coronary artery disease.  In 1983, he was also diagnosed with Guillainn-Barre Syndrome, which is a disorder that occurs in the immune system, causing the body to attack parts of the nervous system. In 2000 he also underwent quadruple bypass surgery.

Andy Griffith was born in June 1, 1926 in Mount Airy, North Carolina to a very-much working-class family

Andy Griffith was best known for his role as Andy Taylor in The Andy Griffith Show. The show focused around Griffith as the calm and big-hearted sheriff in the country town of Mayberry, North Carolina. The show also featured Don Knots and Ron Howard. The Andy Griffith Show first aired in 1960 to 1968.

Andy Griffith later went on to the lead role of Ben Matlock in the legal drama Matlock. Again, this program drew from Griffith’s southern roots. The show aired from 1986 to 1992 on NBC and then from 1992 to 1995 on ABC.

Lesser known about Griffith, be he was an accomplished Southern-gospel singer and writer, having won a Grammy for his work. He was also nominated for two Tony awards for his role in the 1957 film A Face in the Crowd.

All eight seasons of The Andy Griffith Show are available on Netflix.