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Eddie Murphy … dead?

Another death hoax sends thumbs a blaze on Twitter

Another death hoax sends thumbs a blaze on Twitter

Twitter has been buzzing with news of Eddie Murphy’s death, but luckily, the rumors are all false, according to TMZ who spoke with Murphy’s people and confirmed that he is very much alive and well.

Murphy is the second celebrity this week to be thought dead thanks to bogus internet hoopla. Earlier in the week, Reba McEntire had reportedly died while filming a move. This rumor too turned out to be a bust too.

Mediafethcher.com had started the buzz clamming that actor and comedian Eddie Murphy had passed. This site has also been behind previous death rumors surrounding: Dwayne Johnson, George Clooney, Adam Sandler and Tiger Woods.

It appears that Twitter isn’t only good for keeping up with celebrity’s daily lives; it’s great for faking their deaths too.

Madonna’s new single debuts on “American Idol”

Madonna hypes single for Super Bowl XLVI

Thursday night, TV audiences received a sneak peak of Madonna’s latest single “Give me all your Luvin’” on “American Idol.”

The music video, with its peppy vibe, shows the 53-year-old singer shows being hoisted into the air by a group of football players, and  Nicki Mina and M.I.A. serve as cheerleaders for the pop icon, singing, “L-U-V Madonna.”

The three pop stars in the video even pay tribute to the late Marylyn Monroe with all three of them wearing short blonde curly wigs and white dresses.

Madonna is slated to perform “Give Me All Your Luvin'” during Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Bill Murray too hot for Letterman

Murray starts a blaze in celebration

Funny man Bill Murray presented David Letterman with a cake in honor of the “Late Show” celebrating its 30th anniversary Tuesday night, but the situation almost got to hot to handle, reports Reuters.

Murray, the star of classic films such as “Ghostbusters,” Caddy shack” and Groundhog Day,” was Letterman’s first guest on “Late Night with David Letterman” on February 1, 1982.

Murray, adorned in a football uniform, presented the host with a cupcake decorated with 30 candles. Though, with all the excitement, Murray dropped lit matches to the floor, nearly started a fire that had to be quickly subdued.

Murray then used a lighter for the remainder of the 30 candles.

Regis Philbin also appeared with Bill Murray during Letterman’s first show.

National Wear Red Day for Women

U.S. rallies around heart health

Many may be seeing red today; that’s because Mayor Ann Subrizi has declared Friday, February 3rd “National Wear Red Day for Women” in Milford, repots the New Milford Patch

People throughout the country are being encouraged to clad themselves in red to show their support for hear disease, which is also the number one killer of women. National Wear Red Day falls at an apt time given that February is also American Heart Month.

The day hopes to promote the American Heart Association’s red dress symbol, asking everyone to adorn their most favorite red garment.

“A sudden heart attack leaves so much behind,” Subrizis stated.

National Wear Red Day for Women was initiated in 2002.

David Choe tags Facebook

Graffiti artist makes millions off of Facebook’s IPO

David Choe, the 35-year-old graffiti artist, who painted Facebook’s Headquarters in 2005, is speculated to become one of history’s highest paid artists, reports the BBC. Sean Parker, the social network giant’s then-president, asked Choe to paint erotic murals throughout the company’s Palo Alto, California office.

The real kicker to the story is Choe initially laughed at the idea of the social network and chose to accept stock options rather than cash. Now, with Facebook planning their first IPO, David Choe could be looking at a payout of over $200 million. This is almost double of what “The Gunniess Book of World Records” had apprised the Mona Lisa for back in 1962.

Ironically, the Korean-descent artist spent much of his younger years on welfare. When the LA riots happened in 1992, he set a van on fire with his brother, and his parent’s store was also burnt down the same day.

Facebooks CEO and mastermind, Mark Zuckerberg, also asked Choe to paint the company’s second office in 2007. Art from the original headquarters has since been removed and is displayed throughout Facebook’s offices worldwide.

Choe, the art school dropout, who has a painting of his depicting Barack Obama hanging in the White House, has also done art work for musical acts like Jay-Z and Linkin Park.

With an art style clearly influenced and honed through years of painting graffiti on billboards and brick walls, Choe on his website writes, “He is currently homeless, wondering the earth, making good art and bad music.” While it’s clear that David Choe’s art is “good,” he may have to think about changing the homeless part.

Choe is currently in the process of painting Facebook’s Menlo Park office.

To read more about Facebook’s IPO click here.

Josh Hamilton caught drinking

Texas Ranger star slips publicly

Josh Hamilton, baseball’s most notorious addict, relapsed Monday, reports Yahoo. Surprisingly, news of Hamilton’s relapse took an entire three days to hit the internet, especially given that the Texas Rangers outfielder chose a bar in a city where he’s incredibly well known. The fact that Josh Hamilton knew his actions would go public clearly didn’t deter him from falling off the wagon.

Hamilton was banned from baseball back in 2003 for his drug and alcohol abuse. He also experienced a similar incident in January of 2009 when photos of him drunkenly licking whipped cream off of a woman’s breasts surfaced.  The following season he was named the 2010 American League MVP.

Though, this past Monday’s incident leaves many questions as towards Hamilton’s state of mind. He was just reported as drinking and nothing else, but this raises questions. Was he drunk? What snapped for the athlete that made him reach for a drink? Does he even care?

All of this, for Josh Hamilton, comes at the worst possible time. The outfielder is currently in talks with the Rangers for a long-term contract extension, which would put an immediate end to his upcoming free agent status at the end of this season.

While Josh Hamilton’s actions have left MLB fans asking why of the 30-year-old athlete; sadly, he is the only one who truly understands the reasoning for his actions.

“The Hunger Games” trailer teases fans

New York Times bestseller hits theaters soon

A one-minute teaser for director Gary Ross’ “The Hunger Games” was released today to much fanfare. The cinematic adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ novel follows Katniss Everdeen as she takes her younger sister’s place in a live televised death match, in which 12 districts are pitted against each other.

“The Hunger Games” stars Jennifer Lawrence, from “X-Men: First Class,” as Katniss Everdeen and Josh Hutcherson, from “The Kids are all Right,” as Peeta Mellark. Other notable celebrities making appearances in the highly anticipated film include: Woody Harrelson, Stanley Tucci, Donald Southerland, Elizabeth Banks and Lenny Kravits.

The full trailer is slated to air during Super Bowl XLVI, Feb. 5.

Pee-wee Herman visits the Alamo … again

80s icon appears as guest judge on hit Bravo TV show

Pee-wee Herman finally hit rock bottom. Well, not literally, but he did finally made it to the bottom of the Alamo. Pee-wee, comedian Paul Reubens, spent the majority of his 80s classic film “Pee-wee Herman’s Big Adventure” trying to find his beloved red Schwinn bicycle, which he though was hidden in the Alamo’s basement.

Aptly, with his recent guest appearance on Wednesday night’s “Top Chef: Texas,” Pee-wee Herman, with his famous bicycle in toe, the quirky, red-bowtie-wearing funny man finally found the Alamo’s basement, or at least toured the basement of the Alamo Sales Museum, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Pee-wee appeared on the hit Bravo cooking show as a guest judge. The show’s five remaining chefs had 20 minutes to make pancakes, which as any fan of the show “Pee-wee Playhouse”  knows was, and apparently still is, Pee-wee’s favorite food.

To check out Pee-wee’s tour click here.

Egyptian soccer riot leaves country shaken

Egypt saw the world’s worst soccer right in the last 15 years

The blame for Thursday’s Egyptian soccer riot is falling on the country’s military rulers. The soccer riot took place not on the field but in a city’s stadium exit just north of the Egyptian capital. Fans of the Egyptian soccer club ran from supporters of the night’s opposing team, whom charged them with knives, clubs and stones. The incident turned deadly when the fleeing fans encountered a lock gate at the end of the exit.

“The lights went off. The doors of the corridor were locked and sealed with a chain,” stat Sayyed Hassan, a 22-year-old, who suffered a broken leg during the riot, reports the Wall Street Journal.

With 74 people crushed, suffocated or stabbed to death, the Associate Press, reports that this was the world’s worst incident of soccer violence in the last 15 years.

“Layers of people” were “stuck over each other because there was no other exit,” Ahmed Ghaffar, one of the visiting Al-Ahly fans tweeted on Thursday. “We were between two choices, either death coming from behind us, or the closed doors.”

After the Egyptian soccer riot was subdued, thousands of protesters marched on Cairo’s Tahrir Square, hoisting Al-Ahly soccer club flags, the national banner and signs that read “mourning.”

The Egyptian soccer riot commenced exactly one year after the most violent day of the 18-day anti-Mubarak uprising. The 2011 uprising had been spurred on by the outrageous police actions during Hosni Mabarek’s era of emergency law. Mabarek had served as the Egyptian president from 1981 to 2011. The Al-Ahly soccer club fans had been in complete opposition of Mabarek’s rule.

Groundhog Day 2012: six more weeks of winter

All shadows point to more cold says Puxsutawney Phil

Groundhog Day 2012 has come and gone. Puxsutawney Phil emerged from his burrow at 7:30 a.m. and saw his shadow, which means that according to legend six more weeks of winter will ensue, as reported by the Washington Post.

Groundhog Day, which is a tradition over 125 years old and famously occurs in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, happens every February 2 and is celebrated in both the United States and Canada. As legend has it, a groundhog named Phil emerges from his burrow, and if he sees he doesn’t see his shadow, then we will have an early spring and relief from the harsh colds of winter. But, if he does see his shadow then six more weeks of the unbearable season will follow.

There has only been 16 times since 1887 that Puxsutawney Phil hasn’t seen his shadow and 99 times that the little groundhog has. Nine years are missing from the record.

Though, numerous cities throughout the U.S. and Canada have their own versions of Puxsutawney Phil, and on this Groundhog Day 2012, quite a few of them didn’t see their shadow.

But, if Mother Nature listens to Puxsutawney Phil over the others, then much of the country is in for a drastic change in weather, given the unseasonably nationwide warmth over the last few weeks.