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Paid Internship

Paid internships for college students

How to find paid internships for college students

Getting an internship is a requirement for most college students, and for good reason. Internships are a great way to gain experience in the field you are studying, and they can help you realize what you want, or don’t want, in your future career.  There is only one problem with internships: many of them are unpaid. There is hope though; it’s possible to find a paid internship, so that you are making money while also making great headway into your future career.

It takes a little more work finding paid internships for college students, but it’s possible. Loyola University Career Center director, Darby Scism, said that one of the most important things when trying to get a paid internship is to allow time and energy to find one.

“To find a paid internship you are going to have to look at least twice as long as you would an unpaid internship and you are going to send out at least twice as many resumes,” Scism said.

Scism advises going to your school’s career center to get your search started.  You should also check the job postings at your university.  Most universities have a network where employers post job or internship openings.

Another way to find paid internships is to look towards family and friends. Ask around. Family and friends could know of a cool opportunity that you would have never found without asking. When asking about internships, make sure to remind your family and friends that you are looking for a paid internship, and that any help in finding one would be welcome.

Facebook and Twitter also have a place in your search. Use your social networking to your advantage. Go on your Twitter or Facebook page and post or tweet about how you are looking for a paid internship, and if anyone knows of something.  This easy step can lead to a great internship.

If you still can’t find a paid internship that fits your needs, go online. Internships.com, Monster.com and other similar websites occasionally list paid internships. Find companies that you like and see if it is a job posting section. If you can’t find the information you are looking for don’t hesitate to call the company and ask about paid internships.

Also with paid internships, try to widen the field that you are interested in. While it is good to find an internship that corresponds to your major, you should not limit yourself to just that major.  You could find something great that you never would have found otherwise if you only looked at one field.

Medical, technology, advertising, accounting and business are the top fields to find paid internships for college students. AOL reports that these fields offer the most paid internships.

Also Scism added that people with certain skills are going to be more likely to find a paid internship.

“Computer science skills, accounting skills, financial analysis skills, those are going to be the type of companies that are going to pay their interns,” Scism said.

But even if you don’t possess these skills, there are still paid internships out there. They’re just harder to find.

Py for Internship

College students paying for internship experiences

University of Dreams places students in internships in New York City for a tuition that costs thousands

Since jobs that pay are becoming increasingly hard to come by, many college grads have been forced to take internships–positions that typically that do not pay. These students now have to compete with employees that are laid off for these internships. So now what’s happening is that, according to the New York Times, students (okay, more likely their parents) are shelling out thousands to services that help them get dream internships.

One student had his parents pay a whopping $8,000 to help him get a summer job at Ford Models in New York City. The particular company they paid that sum–equivalent to almost a year of my rent–for The University of Dreams—the largest and most visible player in this burgeoning business, according to the Times, who also report that applicants rose 30 percent higher than in 2008.

Most of the time, they see students still completing their undergrad degree. This year, though, the over 9,000 applicants were mostly recent grads.

University of Dreams advertises “guaranteed internship placement, eight weeks of summer housing, five meals a week, seminars and tours around New York City” for the $8,000. I

But the city that never sleeps isn’t the only place where dreams are made of.  There are even programs in London and in Costa Rica, which cost $9,450 and $5,500, respectively.

So what do college administrators think? A career services director at Florida State doesn’t think there is a need for programs like this. She compared it to buying a luxury car, telling the Times that “there are more than enough internship opportunities out there.”

The article also mentioned that college advisers understand the desire for such a program, but parents who pay for it are not letting their children obtain job-seeking skills, or feel rejection before the real world hits.

The University of Dreams isn’t the only game in town though. Competitors include The Washington Center, a nonprofit that puts kids in places like Amnesty International, and several online start-ups.

I think this is really not a good idea.  Speaking from someone who had to search for internships and jobs on her own, especially one at the People Magazine D.C. bureau (that I finally got and then never got to do because Time closed their bureau), it really pays to search for these things on your own.

You learn the value of persistence and determination, and what it’s like to be rejected. The article also brings up another interesting fact—this creates an even further divide now between students, such as those with family connections to organizations that can get students into internships easily with their resources. Class resentment, much?

Semester internships

Semester internships

The under-utilized semester internship

You’re busy. Every day you balance demanding coursework, extracurricular activities, part-time jobs and a social life, leaving little time to consider anything else. But if you think about it, a semester internship can fit right into your schedule. You can make the experience work for you, rewarding you with academic credit, insight into your aspirations, invaluable contacts and the opportunity to be a part of a real company. Rick Gillis, a job search expert, tells students, “One summer internship is worth another year of college.”  That seems like an amazing opportunity, so why wait for the summer?

Semester vs. summer

Internships can lead to many exciting opportunities, so it’s important to start as soon as you’re ready. Although many don’t realize the possibility of semester internships, this time presents students with many advantages. Paying for an unpaid internship poses a problem for the summer months, but during the semester you’re already paying for room and board. Many colleges even minimize transportation costs by providing access to shared cars or reducing public transportation fees. Getting off campus is easy, and exploring the city outside your college can be rewarding.

Practically, applying for fall and spring internships is typically less competitive than the cutthroat scramble for summer positions. You can also use your semester internship to strengthen your resume and prepare you for the following summer’s application process.

Many students wait until the summer after graduation to get involved in a summer internship. Although some may prefer it this way, it can actually hinder your chances of getting immediate employment. It is undoubtedly good experience, but waiting until summer to intern with a company who may not be looking to hire is a risk, especially after you’ve graduated and are in need of cash to begin paying off loans and paying for rent.

By interning during the school year, you can take the time to find a place that really appeals to you and maximize your role by taking initiative. You can even find an internship that builds off the passion that drives your current extracurricular activities.

The perfect internship for you

So, how do you find the elusive perfect internship? First, realize that the position right for you will be different than what your friends want. Take a moment to consider what you are looking for. Update your resume and think about the specific skills you would bring to a company. Figure out exactly how much time you have available. Then, to get inspired, imagine your dream internship and begin your search.

An abundance of internship Web sites exist online, and they can be very effective resources. Many allow you to search by location and industry, narrowing down the thousands of postings available. If this seems overwhelming, you can also look on campus for assistance. Your school’s career center is there to help, and advisors can assist you focus on what interests you and provide alumni connections. Many schools are part of larger online databases that are only accessible to students, reducing competition and supplying more options.

If you have a specific interest, professors and departments can brainstorm ideas and point you in the right direction. Talk to friends and family; opportunities will appear in the unlikeliest places. Be open to suggestions and stay in contact with the companies you don’t end up working with because every connection you make might prove important later. Most importantly, be confident in your application and your work. A positive, self-assured intern will appeal to any employer.

Resources you need to find your semester internship


By allowing students to search based on location, industry and keyword, this site will help you sift through the thousands of internships it offers. The website also lets you apply for positions directly online and prepares you for in-person and phone interviews.


This Web site is a comprehensive resource for everything in the non-profit community. They have plenty of job and internship postings, especially in college areas.


College students and recent grads can find great internship and job opportunities here. The Web site is easy to use and connects students to employers for free.


Open only to undergraduate students and grads, this Web site minimizes competition while providing a variety of internship opportunities on the West Coast. For students attending college in other places, it also gives great advice on making resumes and how to successfully apply for internships.

Become a Lawyer

So You Want To Become A Lawyer


The law profession is funny. Lawyer jokes are an old standby in comedy — yet “everybody” wants their child to become a lawyer. Here’s an overview of the prestigious occupation.

Types of Lawyers: Civil & Criminal

After you pass the bar exam in your, you can become a civil lawyer or a criminal lawyer for your state. For example if you take California Bar exam, you can practice law in State of California,  Law school prepares all students for both types of practice.

  • Civil lawyers help clients with domestic or family-related issues unrelated to crime.
  • Criminal attorneys handle cases involving crime.

A hybrid third option is becoming a general practice lawyer. General practice lawyers typically serve small communities. They provide most civil and criminal legal services, but they don’t prosecute for the government.

Civil Lawyers Examples

1. Living trust lawyers help families with wills and estates. People set up living trusts to ensure that their assets are distributed as they wish after death. This saves families much time, expense and squabbling.

2. Personal injury lawyers help those who are injured because of others. Their cases could involve negligence, intentional harm or strict liability.

3. Family lawyers’ work can be rather emotional. Upbeat tasks include preparing papers for marriages and adoptions. Family lawyers also represent clients in cases of divorce, custody battles and juvenile delinquency.

More examples: Civil lawyers handle cases involving real estate, corporate law, tax law and constitutional law. Passing the patent bar exam will let you work as a patent attorney too.

Criminal Lawyers Examples

Criminal lawyers include prosecutors and defense attorneys. They handle cases involving everything from traffic violations to felonies.

1. Prosecutors work in state or federal government. Their job is to argue against the defendant.

2. Defense attorneys defend clients and negotiate on their behalf. They work independently or with law firms, not for government.

The government provides defense attorneys when a defendant cannot afford legal services. Such attorneys might work for legal aid associations, but many have their own practices and provide non-paid legal work on a regular basis.

How to Become a Lawyer

Passing your state’s bar exam is key to becoming a lawyer. Most aspiring lawyers attend law school as major preparation for the bar. Thus becoming a lawyer typically takes at least seven years:

  • four years of undergraduate work (not necessarily in pre-law)
  • three years of law school, and
  • extra time spent studying for the exam.

Law school isn’t required. Self-educated people have passed the exam. However, law school isn’t only designed to help you master civil and criminal law; it also provides training in crucial areas for career success, such as legal writing and public speaking. Law school can therefore help you succeed in business, politics and other arenas that require strategic thinking and excellent communication skills.

Prestige comes with a law degree. It shows the world that your mind is strong and that you’ve worked hard. Serving justice as a lawyer is another reward — and if high pay matters, you’ll have no trouble finding it. As we see it, lawyers get the last laugh.

Resume writing tips

Follow our tips on writing a resume to help land your ideal job

We all dream of having the perfect job, one that lets us make time for family, pays well and gives us the ability to live life comfortably. However, with the struggling economy and high competition we’re facing, it can seem nearly impossible. This may cause recent college graduates to give up job searching entirely and turn to retail or working at a restaurant in order to pay their bills. But, graduates should not lose hope just yet. Follow our resume writing tips, and you’re sure to craft a resume that will secure that ever so coveted job.

Resumes have become the backbone to landing a job and are the most important way to show off your skills and experience. Without a resume, you’ll be unable to illustrate your abilities to potential employers. It is important to have a resume that stands out from all the others. With these resume writing tips, a college graduate should no longer fear the world of employment.

Resume writing tip #1

As you may already know, having a specific focus is vital for your resume. You should clearly state what you want to do in your career and how exactly you can make a difference to the company. Having an objective section is what will set your resume apart from the ones that do not have one. Sandy Marcus, career and educational service leader from the Illinois Institute of Technology, talked about the importance of an objective statement.

There are different avenues to stating an objective statement, but you want your resume to be a stand-alone document. You shouldn’t rely solely on a cover-letter because an employer may not even look at it. You can write an objective statement that is for your benefit, what you want to get out of the company and how you will contribute and use your skills. It is much more powerful and to the point to write an objective that is for the company’s benefit. You want to tail your objective statement directly to the company and the position you are applying for. Highlight ideas like “to increase sales, “to improve market shares” or “improve quality.” Also, as a recent graduate, employers will focus more on your educational background, rather than the job titles you’ve held.

Resume writing tip #2

As resume writing tips go it’s best to have someone review your resume for thirty seconds and then ask what parts jumped out to them the most. This will show you if you need to change the layout or add anything else that is important, and you want the employer to see it. Also, it is wise to stick to one page, so the company does not have to flip through pages among pages to find how you will benefit the company. But, always keep in mind to show what you can do for the company, and while you should tackle this in your objective statement, your experiences should also touch on the topic.

Companies look for qualities of energy, reliability, maturity, and commitment. If students don’t have much work experience, they can discuss activities or volunteer work within their resume to show the company that they do obtain these qualities. Make these aspects visible with different fonts and formatting but don’t over do it.

These resume writing tips should help you get started on creating the perfect resume. Remember to continue to follow up with possible future employers and send thank you e-mails or cards after an interview. This will make your resume stand out from all the others and prove you are dedicated to getting the job. Jobs do not grow on trees, so don’t be lazy and work hard!

Toxic Cloud in Shanghai: Air Pollution Reaches All Time High

Shanghai pollution poses a threat to residents.

Shanghai, notorious for high levels of air pollution, reached exceedingly high levels of pollution on Friday.

Shrouded in a yellow fog, the city’s pollution reached levels which threatened residents’ health. The government site which measures PM2.5, a particularly harmful air pollutant, gave a PM2.5 rating of 477 yesterday. It has since decreased to 192.

The polluted air in Shanghai poses a major health threat to residents. A safe  PM2.5 rating is anywhere in the range of 0-50. While a measurement of 51-100 PM2.5 could cause moderate reactions from sensitive individuals.

According to the government site, at 192 PM2.5, “Air pollution may increase aggravation of symptoms in people of sensitive groups; everyone may begin to experience health effects of cardiopulmonary system.” The site advises, “The following groups should reduce prolonged or heavy outdoor exertion: people with heart or lung disease, children and older adults. Everyone else should limit prolonged or heavy exertion.”

Air pollution with a PM2.5 measurement of above 300 is considered “extremely polluted.” The government site describes this level of pollution saying, “Air pollution triggers health warnings of emergency conditions. The general population appears severe symptoms with obviously reduction of exercise tolerance, and is even more likely to have cardiopulmonary diseases ahead of time.”

School children were ordered to stay indoors and construction in Shanghai was halted on Friday due to the extreme levels of pollution. The government banned fireworks and public sporting events. 30 percent of government vehicles were taken off the roads. 

Moratorium Placed on Porn Production after Fourth Performer Tests Positive for HIV

Four performers in the porn industry have tested positive for HIV since August.

Since August four performers in the adult film industry have tested positive for HIV. A moratorium was placed on production Friday, after the revelation that a fourth person had been tested positive. The Free Speech Coalition, which oversees the regular testing of performers, has place three moratoriums on production since August.

In a recent press release, Diane Duke, Free Speech Coalition CEO stated, “We are taking every precaution while we do research to determine if there’s been any threat to the performer pool. We take the health of our performers very seriously and felt that it was better to err on the side of caution while we determine whether anyone else may have been exposed.”

The Free Speech Coalition did not name the most recent performer to test positive for HIV. They say the first steps in ensuring safety of performers will be to make a time line, perform additional tests and determine first-generation partners of the performer. The coalition is unsure of whether the performer contracted the virus on set.

A measure was passed November, 2012 mandating condom use in the porn industry. This was met by wide criticism from porn industry workers. However, insiders admit that the measure is not enforced.

In a statement made on Friday, Michael Weinstein, president of the Aids Healthcare Foundation, asked, “How many more performers need to become infected for the industry to comply with existing regulations and laws requiring workplace safety?” 

Colorado Cakeshop Must Bake for Gay Couples

Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, refused to bake for gay couples base on his religious beliefs.

Masterpiece Cakeshop, located in suburban Denver, has recently been ordered to bake for gay couples, despite the shop owner’s religious beliefs.

Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, argues that serving gay clients violates his personal beliefs as a Christian. However, the legal system has ruled otherwise, ordering the Christian shop owner to serve all clients regardless of sexual orientation.

A complaint against Masterpiece Cakeshop was filed by the American Civil Liberties Union. The complaint was filed with the Colorado Civil Rights Commision on the behalf of David Mullins and Charlie Craig, a gay couple who attempted to buy a wedding cake from Masterpiece Cakeshop in order to celebrate their wedding.

Judge, Robert Spencer of Colorado delivered a verdict on the case Friday. According to Spencer, Masterpiece Cakeshop will receive fines if it persists in refusing to serve gay customers.  

"Fast for Families" Attempts to In

Hunger strikers hope to influence Immigration policy.

The fast began Nov 12 and came to a close for some Tuesday Dec 4, lasting 22 days. Linka Mendosa, an undocumented mother and motel housekeeper, is one activist who is continuing her fast in hopes of influencing the lives of many undocumented immigrants residing in the United States.

“Fast for Families” is an organized protest against standing Immigration laws. Mendoza and other activists are fasting on the National Mall in the hope that their political statement will influence the House of Representatives to vote on legislation that will allow undocumented immigrants to pursue citizenship. The Senate approved the bill earlier this year. However the bill has met resistance in a GOP dominated House of Representatives.

The activists represent various groups. Many come from faith-based backgrounds and human rights organizations. During their fast they have been visited by both President Obama and Vice President Biden as well as many supporters of immigration reform.

On the fourth day of fasting, Mendoza stated, through a translator, “we are moving the power of God’s hands for this country, for good things, for a good change.” Rudy Lopez, senior organizer for the Fair Immigration Reform Movement, described himself and fellow hunger strikers as: “all proud Americans, if not through the documents we have, but the spirit we bring.” 

The hunger strikers hope to influence the House to vote on the citizenship bill before the fast-approaching end of the congressional term, Dec 13.

Mourning Nelson Mandela

The world mourns a great leader and anti-apartheid activist.

Nelson Mandela, South Aftrican anti-apartheid activist, passed away on December 5. Mandela’s influence is undeniable, and his death is mourned in South Africa and across the world.

Mandela was born July 18, 1918 to Nkosi Mphakanyiswa and Nonqaphi Nosekeni. Born Rolihlahla Mandela, he was later given the name Nelson in primary school where it was customary to give children “Christian” names.

By 1942 Nelson Mandela had become increasingly involved in South African politics. In 1944 Mandela joined the African National Conference. In August of 1952 Nelson Mandela and Oliver Tambo began Mandela and Tambo, South Africa’s first black law firm.

In 1964, shortly before his imprisonment, Mandela gave his powerful ‘Speech from the Dock’ in which he famously stated:

“I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ieal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.”

In June of 1964 Mandela and seven others were sentenced to life imprisonment. Mandela was then sent to Robben Island. While in prison, both Mandels’s mother and eldest son passed away. Throughout his time in prison he turned down three conditional offers of release. He was finally released in June 1990.

In 1991 Mandela became the president of the African National Conference. In 1994 he became Africa’s first democratically appointed president. Mandela served as president of South Africa from 1994-1999.

Mandela is famous for saying, “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” Nelson Mandela was an activist for democracy and racial equality. He served as an inspiration for the oppressed. His life will continue to influence people for generations. His words will continue to serve as inspiration.