Amazing Christmas College Break: Surfer’s Paradise

Going to the Gold Coast for Christmas is Paradise

WRITTEN BY: Jen Thames
Image Source: personal

College break is right around the corner. Going home for Christmas? Thinking about skiing? How about a completely different holiday that will completely revitalize your spirit? Head Down Under for the holidays.

Australia over  Christmas break is awesome because it’s summer down there. Think clean beaches, warm water, an 18-year old drinking age and happy people with a little Ho Ho Ho thrown in.  Surfer’s Paradise beats Auntie Emma’s Marshmallow salad all day long!

Sydney gets all the play with its Opera House but the Gold Coast is the place to go for excellent beaches, the Great Barrier Reef and Kuala Bear hugging. An added bonus is that a gold coast accommodation is inexpensive and the entire area has lots of things to see and do. The best thing to do is to fly into Sydney and then get a hopper flight over to Brisbane. From there rent a car (called a car hire) and the Gold Coast and all it has to offer is at yours.

Australia is the perfect place for college kids to vacation because young Australians “go walk about” on a regular basis. Culturally Australians think it’s important for young people to get out and see the world and experience life. Such a refreshing perspective compared to the American work work work mentality. There are excellent cheap hotels and youth hostels set up throughout the Gold Coast to accommodate travellers on a tight budget. In addition, you will meet college kids from all over the world doing the same thing and this is an excellent way to grow connections and expand your horizons.

Where to Stay in Brisbane?

Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, is an amazing combination of big city fun and beach resort town. Brisbane is known for it’s amazing restaurants, clubs and pubs (bring ID, must be over 18). There is also the Conrad Treasury Casino located on Queen Street. Worth a visit to look at the opulent building and the palm trees this is a place to definitely keep your money in your pockets.

Brisbane is located inland from the coast. Getting around the city center is really easy and there are many hotel options to choose from. You can stay here or head for the coast straight away. Lodgings include hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts and self-serve apartments. Self-serve apartments are enormously popular in Australia and even in a regular room it isn’t uncommon to have a small kitchen where you can cook.  Another popular option for travelers in Australia is caravan parks. Generally safe and clean these can be a great adventure.

Things to do on the Gold Coast

Can you believe they called a place “Surfer’s Paradise”??? It is too. Think uncrowded beaches and warm water. Every kind of water sport known to man is available on the Gold Coast. There are miles and miles of picture perfect beaches and the Great Barrier Reef is right here. Also worth a visit is the Lone Pine Kuala Sanctuary. This is one of the few places on earth where you can still hold a kuala bear. Still looking for more? How about a trip up north to visit Australia’s rainforest and go crocodile sighting?

The hardest part of a Christmas break in Surfer’s Paradise is coming home to snow and cold and books and reality. But hey, if Paradise was everywhere it wouldn’t be Paradise any longer, or would it?